No Bones about It… It’s Really About the Bones!

T-Score, Z-score what’s all the fuss?

I never really thought about how my bones were faring.  I raised and hauled around my 3 kids in my twenties and thirties, took a lot of high impact aerobic classes, and felt I got adequate calcium in my diet.  So when my doctor prescribed a bone density test (Osteoporosis Screening) in my forties, telling me that thin women have a higher propensity for bone fractures, I went along with it, especially since she included me in the thin women category.

Most Embarrassing Moments, Most “Top of the Mornin” Moments, Most Heartfelt Moments on the Mat

Heh, I “get” embarrassment!

Okay, I have to admit, there have been some pretty embarrassing moments on the yoga mat.  Like the time I was demonstrating crow pose, lost my focus and slid forward on my head.  Oops, note to self, you can talk but don’t try to look at your audience while in a balance pose! Yes, I was teaching the class. 

Or, like the time I demonstrated “Bat Pose”( or seated wide leg balance pose extending legs in the air out to the sides holding on to big toes with peace fingers pose) to the kids at Palm Beach Pediatric Hospital.  Great timing for a photo taken by the founder of the program!