You gotta have yoga in your life!


I help you counteract the effects of daily life, poor posture, injury, aging or repetitive motion. I address the unique concerns of your body and use safe and effective yoga sequences to ease tension in the your back, as well as hips, hamstrings, and inner legs which affect the back.


I assist yogis and athletes (triathletes, runners, bikers, golfers, swimmers, tennis players) of all ages, including children, to alleviate pain, reduce injury, increase focus and flexibility AND get the "extra edge."

Yoga is inherently a healing practice, and it can help you feel better physically, mentally and emotionally. Yoga can help you feel younger, stronger, happier and in charge of your life.  Specifically, working with me can help you with the strength and mobility of your spine and joy and freedom of movement. Since back pain affects 80% of Americans, I help you use the art of yoga to increase endurance, strength and muscle function of the back, as well as all areas of the body.


"Happy Spine Yoga"

  • easy to follow cues, individualized instruction and props to make you feel good in your body
  • alignment techniques for your body
  • empathy and inspiration to address fears of injury, past experiences, challenge and over stress to the body
  • breathing techniques to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, permitting you to accept your limitations, expand your practice and meet your goals on and off the mat
  • support and coaching from my heart to yours to feel happy about your unique self

Yoga has transformed my back, changed my life physically and mentally, and I want the same for each client.

"Jean has been my primary Yoga instructor for the last four years. Her classes never fail to challenge my body, open my heart and truly inspire my spirit. I find her practice to be healing, both physically and emotionally. Jean brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to each and every Yoga practice. I am so very grateful to have Jean as a guide, for my yoga practice!"

— Namaste  ~ Kim