"I have been practicing yoga for about 3 1/2 years.  Jean Martin came into my life about 6 months into this journey.  She was always willing to be positive and encourage me, even when I was struggling to get into poses.  She has a great calm energy that makes you feel great while you're doing the class but especially when you are finished with it. You have great energy and relaxation. 

After taking various classes from her, I spoke to her about my daughter's posture issues.  She worked with her in private yoga lessons to increase her flexibility, strength and improved her posture and self esteem.  She loves Jean and enjoys going to her classes and most recently to her yoga retreat.  The retreat was a great way for us to connect, relax and enjoy time together.  Jean has also taught my 8 year old daughter.  She loves going to kids yoga and finds it helps her with her cheerleading and tumbling.  

Jean has tons of training that helps her to be a fantastic yoga teacher.  She is always continuing her education and has new things to try every time I see her. We are lucky to have her in our yoga community!"

– Marcia


"I have been practicing yoga for over ten years.  It has been my good fortune to have instructors who were always very good and very competent. Having said that, Jean Martin is an exceptional yoga teacher.  Her form is outstanding as is her ability to communicate instructions clearly and precisely.  She gives step by step directions while always explaining the purpose and benefit of the poses. She emphasizes correct form and safety.   And she is diligent in reminding us to breathe. When necessary she helps us accomplish our poses with caring one to one instruction.  She is always positive and kind.  As energetic and fun as Jean classes are she outdoes herself when she offers lavender eye pillows during relaxation -- talk about perfection!  I look forward to Jean’s classes with joyful as well as grateful anticipation. Jean’s happy, generous, heart permeates each class."

– Nano


"I have been attending yoga classes at the Fishhawh Y Express since 2005 and over the course of my participation; I have been exposed to three regular instructors and at least five substitute instructors. In my opinion, Jean Martin has been the most experienced and devoted instructor. At the beginning of the session, Jean would always introduce herself and ask the name of any new attendees and pass out props and explain their use to facilitate the proper form in the yoga poses. The sessions were always well planned to meet the ability level of all participants. She was constantly moving throughout the session to insure that everyone had an unobstructed view of her while demonstrating each yoga pose or to offer one-on-one guidance as needed. During the relaxation period at the conclusion of the yoga session, Jean provided eye pillows, a relaxing fragrance, an occasional shoulder press, and a meditative monologue. I feel that I have significantly increased my flexibility, balance, and strength due to Jean’s ability to share her expertise."

– Leo


"Jean has been my primary Yoga instructor for the last four years. Her classes never fail to challenge my body, open my heart and truly inspire my spirit. I find her practice to be healing, both physically and emotionally. Jean brings a wealth of knowledge and wisdom to each and every Yoga practice. I am so very grateful to have Jean as a guide, for my yoga practice!"

– Kim


"I have had the opportunity to attend many yoga classes with Jean and I thoroughly enjoy her style. She has high energy classes as well as restorative and more stretching classes....I love them all.  She is a great instructor who is very passionate about her practice and continually ensures the class is engaged with the right amount of coaching and assistance. Jean takes times to get to know her attendees, to help them perform at their personal best, she recognizes the wide range of strength and flexibility of a class and tailors with props and 'yummy' feeling oils to help distress and rejuvenate. Jean made me feel welcome & comfortable in her class the very 1st time, but still continues to provide me with the coaching to help me improve."

– Vida