Why a Yoga Retreat is the perfect vacation

I, for one, like many facets of a vacation. I absolutely love to enjoy a new place that I’ve not experienced before. I also love to exercise and include my yoga practice. It not only helps me achieve my Zen for the day, it helps me stay fit, feel great AND eat on my vacation with vigor and without guilt. Just love to taste the local concoctions and visit the local eateries and breweries!

Let’s get real here. Some yoga retreats are designed for purely restful and meditative purposes, and I value that is that’s what my energy level physically and mentally need. I’ve experienced the silent dinner table requirements, and I respect the value of the mental and emotional growth. However, I don’t equate yoga retreats with only restraint and discipline. And luckily, depending upon your individual season of life or need, there’s a plethora of retreats to explore and appreciate.

Permit me to share a few experiences I’ve had solo, with my daughter, and with my family.

Solo experiences included Immersion Training along the Gulf of Mexico and in the mountains of Georgia.


Beautiful scenery, friendship, sense of community and healthy meals.


Lack of privacy, trickle of water coming out of the bathtub facet, vegetarian meals that bloated your tummy for days (try doing a forward fold or downward dog) after eating a dish of vegetarian lasagna; key ingredient sweet potatoes and mystery ingredients!

Experiences with my daughter, who also happens to be my BFF, include Boston and Lake in Guatemala.


Beautiful scenery, opportunities to hike, kayak, sightsee, and visit with the villagers.


Policemen with oozies at the airport and on the street corners en route to the resort, no flushy paper down the “baño”, itty bitty sketchy looking boats that taxi you across the lake to your destination.